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12-19-2002 - Island Open House

Are you a major establishment on the main Southern island of Blazing Falls? Join us in the promotion of the island neigborhood and help name the island! Go here to learn more.

12-3-2002 - Sim TUR Established

Clan TUR arrived on the Blazing Falls server of The Sims Online on November 7, 2002. We're currently rebuilding after the Blazing Falls wipe and have been back up since 11-30-2002

We are not presently admitting new members to TUR from The Sims Online until we implement some sort of organizational concepts. You are free however to visit Chateau Paradox, presently the only TUR Establishment on Blazing Falls. Go here to learn about Chateau Paradox, and make sure you take a look at the new Photo Tour of Chateau Paradox.

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